MHP - Print our Future

MHP - Print our Future

Digital Print

MHP has a highly sophisticated digital print and finishing facility.

New technology and equipment is an integral part of MHP’s commitment to quality. Not only do we continually aim to identify and supply your needs, we also aim to help expand your design and print horizons.

At MHP we produce professional colour and black & white printing direct from disk or via the internet, specialising in short to medium run projects. Because of the advantages of digital printing we can produce your printed piece in less time, with less waste which means lower costs when compared to traditional offset lithographic printing.

On-demand printing is the ability to print exactly the quantity you need, when you need. This eliminates waste and excess stock levels and gives the power of print back to the originator of the document.

Your printing is handled by industry qualified professionals who take as much pride in its presentation as you did in its preparation

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