MHP - Print our Future

MHP - Print our Future

Print Management

MHP can provide you with much more than quality, cost effective and timely printing.

The demand for unique print solutions in a dynamic and demanding market means that agility, reliability and innovation can be just as important as quality, cost and efficiency.

We appreciate each of our clients has different needs and so we tailor our print solutions accordingly. Rather than adopting a 'one process fits all' approach, we will work with you to implement customised outcomes that will best deliver your message to your target audience.

MHP offers a complete print management solution, which can include non-print items such as promotional mugs, keyrings, etc.
We hold and manage the full range of stock for you and then pick and ship to various locations as per your instructions.

MHP Print Management includes special projects requiring offshore printing. With our global connections we take the stress away from managing the offshore process: communication; pricing; proofing; quality control; and shipping - we cover it all. 

You can rest assured of a quality outcome with projects handled from start to finish by our sales team here in New Zealand.

Key benefits of our print management service include:
  • End-to-end project management of all your print projects
  • Extensive warehousing facilities
  • Fulfilment solutions for all your campaigns
  • Seamless co-ordination of third party creative services
  • Distribution services throughout New Zealand.
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